In less than a decade, it marked difference and showed that it is much more than a television production company. It’s a dynamic and modern group that always favored the quality of their work and whose differentiating brand is based on creativity, innovative approach and a rigorous management, according to best international practices. Works in different and complementary areas: International Media & Brand Consultancy, developing projects in TV, communication consultancy and media training; TV & Film production; Broadcast Design & Branding; Visual FX, Motion Design & Animation; Advertising & Communication; Digital Media; Digital Entertainment Education and Music, OST & Post. Até ao Fim do Mundo is a project that emerged with strong roots, grew and now it’s a reference in these areas.

The company Até ao Fim do Mundo (Until the End of the World) was born in 1998, founded by three television professionals from different areas. Emerged with the aim of producing a documentary series on the centenary of the African continent crossing (Angola to Mozambique), conducted by scientists Capelo and Ivens. It was a series broadcast in prime-time in SIC channel, audience leader in Portugal that year. In early 2007 extended its business area and created Gnubee Studios to address the areas of Digital Media, design, programming and software development. At the same time opened a new educational space in the areas of animation, gaming, visual FX and programming: the ODD School (www.odd-school.com).

The most successful creative duo from advertising agency EURO RSCG was invited in late 2008 to a new challenge. They formed Moon, an advertising agency created with the aim of strengthening the creative communication with a dynamic team, capable of responding to customer needs in a collaborative flow. Ten years gone by. In 2010, Até ao Fim do Mundo was elected Excellence Leader in the area of small business, an important recognition of the sustainable growth of the group. The following year it was formed Billyboom, a company dedicated to music, soundtracks and audio post production.
The group Até ao Fim do Mundo is capable to develop the most different projects, having the best resources and specialized professionals. It makes a difference as content and producer creator, advertising, communication, design, motion design and 3D.